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Welcome to the website of Community Church at Ocean Pines. Thank you for your interest in this community of Faith of the United Methodist Church. The ministries of Community Church at Ocean Pines are designed and planned to help persons deepen their Faith, worship God together, and live out our Faith in service and love. There are a wide variety of ministries and opportunities to be involved. Please contact the church and pastor to learn more. Again, welcome and thank you for your interest.

Our Worship Services

Informal Worship

Contemporary Worship

Traditional Worship
SUNDAYS | 10:30 AM


Looking for a new place to worship? Our entire congregation would like to officially invite you to the Community Church of Ocean Pines. We are a vast community who worship the Lord through our informal services, contemporary services, traditional services and special church services. We also worship through events, traditional and contemporary worship music.

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In these modern times, you'll find the spiritual connection you desire here at the Community Church of Ocean Pines. We love to connect with you in person. Our campus is designed to accommodate all age groups. We take great pride in being a comfortable space of worship. You can also choose to connect with us online through our Facebook and our YouTube channel.

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Our ministries here at the Community Church of Ocean Pines work diligently to provide a safe and secure environment of worship for all age groups. Our adult groups, adult ministries, children groups, children ministries and youth missions were created to nurture your growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Family education ministries are very important to our church.

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Remember the old adage we learned as children: "It's better to give than to receive"? We welcome charitable donations from congregation members and beyond. However, giving can come in many forms. You can volunteer your time and talents to spreading the word of Jesus Christ. You can also donate items directly to the church that another members might need.

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