Remember the old adage we learned as children: "It's better to give than to receive"? We welcome charitable donations from congregation members and beyond. However, giving can come in many forms. You can volunteer your time and talents to spreading the word of Jesus Christ. You can also donate items directly to the church that another members might need.

What will be your legacy?

God has entrusted us with incredible blessings: the gift of our lives - time, talents, and treasures, and our capacity to love others. Christian stewardship is the management of our assets, of everything we have and are. Our legacy is written in the way we do that. As you consider all that God has given, prayerfully consider ways that you can give back, possibly above and beyond your current income capacity. To give something that is a result of life's work is an affirmation that life is sacred to God.

He is the bread of life

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