Traditional Worship Music (8:00 AM and 10:30 AM)

Hear and sing along to classic hymns and songs of worship drawn mainly from the United Methodist Hymnal. As we gather to give praise and thanks to God, the church is led by our Organist Dick Smith and Choir Director Sally Hendon. Email Sally at if you wish to join. On certain Sundays our Bell Choir or other instrumental groups offer special music in worship.

Community Church at Ocean Pines Choir

Contemporary Worship Music (9:15 AM)

Every Sunday, our worship band Psalm 66, plays songs that are directed towards worshipping Jesus. These songs are carefully selected to fit the theme of the service every week. The band encourages you to worship God in a way that you feel best honors Him, whether singing, clapping, or remaining silent and reverent.

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Psalm 66 Band Members

  • Mike Hughes (Music Director) - Drums and Vocals
  • Kevin Compher - Bass, Guitar, and Vocals
  • Owen Dennis - Guitar
  • Carey Farlow - Guitar and Vocals
  • Paul Tuttle - Guitar and Vocals
  • Dorothy Leslie - Vocals
  • Stacie Davidson - Piano and Vocals
  • Peggy Katona - Ukulele and Vocals
  • Rob Keesling - Bass
  • Cadence Hughes - Guitar and Bass

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