Our Campus

Aerial view of the Church campus

Our Church Campus consists of three buildings: From left to right - the Family Life Center, Early Childhood Learning Center and Our Sanctuary. Separately are the Shepherds Nook, Prayer Labyrinth and Gardens of the Pines Cemetery and Columbarium along with three separate playgrounds for our "Little Lambs". The whole complex started construction began in 1988 with the construction of a multi-purpose building. Phase two was the erection of the current Sanctuary in 1996. In 2005, phase three was completed with the construction of the Family life Center and the renovation of the original multi-purpose building. The entire complex is Handicapped Accessible.

Facility Use

The Community Church at Ocean Pines recognizes that it is mutually beneficial to permit use of Church Facilities for appropriate Community purposes. Since the Church is maintained by its members and friends for the Worship of God, Christian Education, Outreach and Church Family Life; non-church use must not interfere with the most effective use of the Facilities for Congregational activities.

In accordance with this policy the Board of Trustees has established guidelines for the use of the facilities. Any group meeting the criteria for usage should request a copy of the Facility Use Guidelines from the Church Office and complete an "Application for Facility Use" and return it to the Church Office.

Early Childhood Center

Renovated in 2005 - Used for Little Lambs Daycare and Church Nursery

Sunday Morning Nursery and Sunday School Rooms for preschoolers
Weekdays: Little Lambs Learning Center, Preschool, Before School and After School Programs. Additional ministries with preschool aged children, their parents, and families.

Family Life Center

Constructed in 2005 - Recreation and Fellowship Hall with Stage Storage.

Sunday School and Little Lambs Rooms for elementary school aged children. Middle, junior and senior high aged youth rooms for Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, and additional ministries.

  • 2 large rooms for adult classes and gatherings
  • Music room for our choirs
  • Staff offices and a reception area
Gardens of the Pines

Gardens of the Pines

Cemetery and Columbarium - Designed to provide a restful place of respect and dignity, which will enhance the years of memories for the life lived among us. The Gardens of the Pines are open to people of all religious faiths, races and nationalities.

A variety of options for planning.

Burial Plots and columbarium niches are available for individuals or families. Plots are planned for 1, 4, 6 persons with any additional multiples of these available together. Estate lots, located along the roadway are extra-large, and will permit burial of from 1 to 6 persons, and may have above ground crypts and special statuary, with approval. Columbarium niches are for one or two persons.

Monuments available to honor your loved ones.

Placement and size of monuments is permitted within the master plan for the Gardens. Bronze and granite markers can be placed at ground level in all sections of the Gardens.

Provision for those who prefer cremation.

Urns may be placed in any of the burial lots, above ground crypts or in columbarium niches. Special monuments are available through your funeral director.

Future Beauty and Care of the Gardens.

When you purchase plots or niches in the Gardens, 15% of the purchase price is placed in a Perpetual Care Fund which is controlled by the Officers of the Corporation, the Trustees of The Community Church at Ocean Pines. The entire United Methodist Church stands behind this corporation and its continuity.

Priced to be available to all persons in the community.

The cost of a burial is determined by the number of burial sites purchased. When sites are purchased as part of a plan for future use, a payment plan may be arranged. When purchased for immediate use, full payment must be made.

Niche prices include a nameplate and two urns. A plot or niche may be resold only to the Gardens of the Pines, Refund will be the original selling price less 20% for the perpetual care and handling costs, and the cost of the name plate in the columbarium.

Rules and Regulations

  • Burial vaults are required in the cemetery.
  • Markers or monuments must be within the corners of the plot and in line with other markers.
  • Shrubbery, trees, fences or other plantings are not permitted.
  • Arrangements for site preparation, vaults and monuments or markers are made through your Funeral Director.
  • Only human remains may be buried in the cemetery or inured in the columbarium. No valuables, or anything else, may be placed within the plots or niches.
  • All flowers, etc. must be placed so they don't interfere with grass cutting. It is recommended that a flower receptacle be included with the monument. Flowers or other decorations are not permitted in the Columbarium Garden.

The Labyrinth Garden

A prayer labyrinth is a spiritual tool used to enhance prayer and meditation and walking a labyrinth could help bring us closer to Christ. Unlike a maze, there is only one route to the center and back out again. Since the destination is known, the labyrinth walker simply puts one foot in front of the other in a symbolic way of honoring the journey itself. For Christians, the center is symbolic of Christ being the center of our lives.

Regular meditative practice leads to greater powers of concentration and a sense of control and efficiency in one's life. Labyrinth walking is among the simplest forms of focused walking meditation, and the demonstrated health benefits have led hundreds of hospitals, health care facilities, and spas to install labyrinths in recent years.

The Community Church at Ocean Pines labyrinth was built on September 27th and 28th, 2014 by a crew provided by Phillip Barton, owner of Barton's Landscaping Company. Phil also designed the surrounding garden and provided the original plants and labor for the project. We are grateful to all who donated money for this project and to our Trustees, Bill Long and Ron Howe who built and erected the wooden cross. The Prayer Labyrinth was dedicated in memory of Julie Kolanowski, a former beloved choir director on May 31, 2015. The Community Church at Ocean Pines labyrinth is located along the left side of the road behind the church leading to the cemetery.

There is no "right" way to walk the labyrinth, and walk at your own pace. If someone has entered the labyrinth ahead of you, allow them 2-3 turns on the path before you enter. If the person in front of you is slower, you may quietly pass them. If someone is coming toward you in the opposite direction, simply step to the side and allow them to pass. After your walk, you may wish to find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Please respect the Church's property and leave no personal items behind so that others arriving after you can experience their own reflections.


Dear Lord, thank You for this time to be with You. Help me to remember that you are with me now as always, but especially now in this place.

Help me to receive your blessings. Give me the grace to move toward Your light and show me Your peace.

Help me not to forget the words You have spoken to me today. Let Your peace fill my heart, my world. Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come! Amen

Church Sanctuary

Church Santuary

Built in 1996 - Currently the Sanctuary seats 300, with another 40+ in the Chancel Choir area and 20+ in the Bell Choir area. Later, when and if necessary, the interior side walls can be removed inexpensively to enlarge the sanctuary with 100 additional seats.

Above is the Sanctuary looking from the back to the Altar with the large Wooden Cross hanging from the ceiling. Please notice the stained-glass windows on either side in the Chancel area.

Looking to the back of the Sanctuary from the Chancel Area with the Audio/Visual booth in the center. The booth is used to control the audio for all three Worship Services and the PowerPoint projection for the Contemporary Worship Service.

He is the bread of life

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